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The Grace Center, Kazengula, Zambia- Before and After!

Sexual abuse and violence are problems that transcend geographical, racial and socio-economic lines. In Zambia, as in many developing countries, girls are often the targets for sexual abuse and trafficking. Cultural norms may make it difficult to report abuse and there are few programs in Zambia which address the issue.

In Kazengula, things are changing! Global Partners for Health and the Lubasi Home Trust have opened the Grace Center for Girls. Fifty girls from the surrounding rural area have enrolled and are currently being counseled, receiving health care, and having nutritious meals provided. Community programs are in place to educate affected families and the public about preventing sexual abuse. Based on our successful model, the Lushomo Home for Girls in Livingstone, Zambia, the Grace Center will have private, safe dormitories with housemothers for every 6 girls. This will not only provide a haven for the girls but offer jobs for women in the community as well as construction jobs for both men and women.


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In July 2015 (below) the first phase of the home is complete! The study and counseling building, a security wall, and the caretaker’s cottage have been finished.

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